Bringing Fintech and funding together

Realworld Capital’s principal business is acting as an advisor to institutional investors and issuers in the fixed income and hybrid capital markets, and intermediating between fast-growing fintech companies and investment opportunities avaiable on both sides of their balance sheets .

The company is engaged with Europe’s main bank regulators and supervisors in promoting effective and permissible second-generation hybrid capital instruments, aligning the interests of bank issuer, investor (society) and regulator.

Through its preferred close-partner network, Realworld Capital first identifies, then intermediates between fast-growing companies and available funding and investment opportunities that we develop for our clients, including employee and board member personal financial planning, as well as development of company brand positioning and performance marketing.

In April, we are moving over to a new full-service website where ‘site visitors can understand better how Realworld Capital and their trusted partners work on behalf of their clients.


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