Growth, funding and acquisition opportunities for the world’s outstanding start-up and scale-up fintech companies

Realworld Capital, along with its exclusive partnership network, seeks to identify the most innovative and exciting fintech companies and connect them to funding, acquisition and merger opportunities.

Our clients will be established smaller companies preparing for their first significant scale-up, as well as identifying the most impressive start-ups.

We will work with our clients in addressing all aspects of their business. Beyond the critical funding exercises,  brand awareness and performance marketing are key. Our bespoke partnership network will also help founders and key employees with their personal financial planning, future-proofing wealth that hopefully is to come – something that is often neglected during the frenetic pace of building a fintech business.

Realworld Capital is also acting as an advisor to European bank issuers, regulators and supervisors in the development of an effective and permissible second-generation AT1 hybrid capital instrument, aligning the interests of bank issuer, investor (society) and regulator.

We will be launching a revised and expanded website in April.



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