About us

Realworld Capital was founded by Kevin Regan in 2013. Its principal business is acting as an advisor to institutional investors and issuers in the fixed income and hybrid capital markets.

Realworld Capital’s principal management team includes Mark Goodman, Nick Ritchie,  Mark Steed, James Regan and Simon Hussey.

Mark Goodman is the firm’s COO, an experienced banker and lawyer with a background in debt markets and asset management.

Mark Steed, ACA, is the firm’s chief accountant, company secretary and compliance manager.

Simon Hussey specialises in identifying and valuing asset purchase opportunities for acquisitive companies.

James Regan is a researcher, editor of Realworld’s bi-monthly column in the Dante magazine, and analyst.

Realworld Capital is also advised by Graham Bishop on the hybrid capital advisory work it is currently conducting with European regulators, and by Stuart Cheek who is advising on long-dated bond placement into UK institutional investors.

Nick Ritchie is also a senior advisor. Nick was a career fixed income institutional fund manager, including a 17-year run of market out-performance, culminating in the oversight of US$ 100 billion of fixed income and currency portfolios.

Tel: +44 (0) 203 823 3700
E:    info@www.realworldcap.com