Will collective intelligence help guide our investment decisions in 2017
Published on 25 November, 2016

Is it actually possible to predict the future? Addressing this question in its purest form, the answer is no. There is, however, a body of evidence that suggests higher predictive outcomes are possible by tapping into a disciplined methodology known as collective intelligence – otherwise known as collective…

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How to unleash the wisdom of crowds
First Published on Freburary 09, 2016

The great Victorian polymath, Sir Francis Galton was at a country fair in 1906, so the story goes, and came across a competition where you had to guess the weight of an ox. Once the competition was over Galton, an explorer, meteorologist, scientist and statistician, took the 787 guesses and calculated the average, which came to 1,197

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The collective intelligence of the web
First Published on May 08, 2014

In November of 2000, nasa did something unusual: it asked amateurs to help it map the surface of Mars. The agency set up a Web site called Clickworkers, where people could take a short tutorial on how to classify Martian craters and then get to work clicking on photos of Mars. nasa then aggregated all those clicks to come up with a Martian…

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The Network Effect: Changing the Way the World Works
First Published on June 02, 2016

On January 2, 2001, Larry Sanger met his good friend Ben Kovitz for dinner at a small Mexican restaurant in San Diego. It is arguably the dinner that changed the way the world works. It had been almost a year since Sanger had come to Southern California to work as the editor-in-chief for Nupedia, a start-up online encyclopedia…

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A new type of prediction market
First Published on January 20, 2016

RE crowds full of wisdom or irrational mobs? The answer seems to depend on how their estimates are compiled. If their guesses are generated independently (the number of jelly beans in a jar, the weight of a cow at the country fair), then the crowd can be pretty accurate. But things can change if people are aware of others’ opinions. There is a…

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