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Building Out Our Capital Raising Capabilities

In 2020, we established a new unit within Realworld Capital, leveraging the extensive client relationships developed by our small but highly experienced team over 30 years.

Seeking to facilitate Series A equity and debt funding for qualifying companies, we will introduce our clients to family office, pension fund, UHNW and medium to large institutional investors who will always appraise exceptional investment opportunities.

According to the mandate, one or more of our venture partners will work alongside Realworld, bringing their own specialist skill sets to bear. Once mandatory due diligence is complete, our partnership group will advise the client on strategy and funding options.

What we can do for growing businesses

Realworld’s newly expanded operation provides a broad range of financial services to our growing client base in the UK, Europe and the US.

Working with a carefully curated group of specialist companies, we have formed a cohesive network delivering a range of services: strategic advisory, selectively taking on equity and debt raises, cross-border M&A introductions as well as new product and new business development.

Given the broad specialist capabilities of the group, we seek to deliver services which cannot typically be provided by a single firm outside larger investment banks and international advisory specialists.

Our coordinated distribution network connects our clients to investors with whom our team has strong, longstanding and trusted relationships.

Today, investors look for investment opportunities beyond their day-to-day investment activities in the public markets. Increasingly, against a backdrop of global low interest rates, real money investors seek private investment opportunities combining higher returns and the possibility of a board presence.