Innovations in Investment Management

Future-proofing investment management tools:
digital assets and proptech

About Us

A decade of inflation ahead?

Realworld Capital is a manufacturer of new investment management products. Our team has spent years in global markets research and development, believing that it is more responsible to carefully curate new products that address current investor needs, than to bring funds to market where existing products are already in place.

Realworld is currently addressing institutional investor demand through the development of two complimentary products: a digital investment trust and a UK residential property investment propostion, achieving diversified exposure to new and older freehold residential housing stock across England and Wales – generating secured, protected, medium to longer-term inflation-hedged income.

London TokenTM is a highly innovative digital investment trust concept aimed at global institutional investors; an investment vehicle deploying developed digital asset technology and seeking to operate in a fully regulated environment.


If the current surge in inflation proves to run at a higher rate over the long term, how best to protect investor portfolios? A sustained period of year-on-year inflation above 3% in the UK, mirroring inflationary pressures worldwide, would exemplify the stark reality that precious few investment products and strategies are available to offer protection.

Realworld’s partner Home Emoh Ltd (HOME) will build a series of residential freehold property portfolios at scale, leading with older stock and providing the additional security of first-loss protection.

The unique contract developed by HOME for residents in the properties will offer protected, medium to long-term inflation-hedged income, with a true upside incentive for residents to remain in the properties for longer.

HOME’s innovative product design addresses the concern in society that institutional investors should not be buying up Britain’s housing stock. To do so is widely seen as front-running homebuyers, in an environment where property ownership is a vital element in establishing the fabric of our communities, as well as building Britain’s economy.