About Us

Realworld Capital was established in 2013. Our original mandate in partnership with Graham Bishop Consulting remains ongoing: the development of a next-generation AT1 hybrid capital funding instrument for European banks. Working with the main European bank regulator and SSM, Europe’s main banking supervisor, the current challenges the banking industry faces require an evolution of development for new funding solutions whilst still complying with CRD IV.

Realworld’s three distinct units offer a highly specialised range of bespoke financial services: bank capital, client debt & and equity funding initiatives and Realworld’s new financial product development.

Working alongside our venture partners, Realworld is developing two investment operations intent on delivering new financial products, HOME and London Token.

Realworld Capital Management Ltd is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.

Meet the team

Realworld Capital brings decades of management experience and hands-on business building, delivering strategic and practical advice.

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Kevin Regan

Kevin Regan Founder & CEO

Mark Steed

Mark Steed Director & CFO

Judith Wheelan

Judith Wheelan Director & CCO

Mark Goodman

Mark Goodman Non-Executive Director & COO

Nicholas Ritchie

Nicholas Ritchie Senior Advisor

Helena Coates

Helena Coates Fintech Advisor