About Us

Realworld Capital was founded in 2013 by Kevin Regan, with the original purpose of developing of a next-generation AT1 hybrid capital funding instrument for European banks. In this venture, Realworld is partnered with Graham Bishop Consulting.

This development work continued for an extended period of time, with great strides being made in balancing the requirements of investors versus the regulatory framework rulebook, as directed under CRDIV and CRDV. Our work may eventually lead to the launch of a new suite of evolved hybrid capital products.

Today, Realworld’s primary focus is the development of two new investment products for institutional investors, working alongside our venture partners. These projects are now advanced in their planning; discussions have begun with potential institutional partners to bring these investments to market.

The teams

London TokenTM was conceived and developed by Realworld Capital and Wise Capital, the founding partners of the venture.
With digital asset technology changing the way that investors will buy, hold and clear financial products in the future across asset and exchange platforms, a product ‘gap’ currently exists which the founders of London TokenTM believe can be filled by the emergence of a truly global digital investment asset offering.

London TokenTM has been developed not only as a highly liquid investment asset that can be traded 24/7 across the world’s most stable and robustly regulated digital exchanges, but to also seek to address the challenge of investing and holding global government bonds that currently offer real negative returns.

HOME is a founding partnership between Realworld and two individuals with backgounds in property and wealth & pension planning.
Colin Ingram-Moore and Graeme Price, together with Kevin Regan, began developing the HOME concept early in 2020.

In addition to HOME establishing an alternative process for future homebuyers to get on the housing ladder, HOME seeks to create a lifestyle that works for investors, homebuyers and society in general.