Home Emoh

Home emoH Ltd (HOME) is a new UK-based, FinTech-centric company that seeks to establish a secured sterling fixed income asset class providing long-term, inflation-hedged positive income returns for institutional investors including pension funds, insurance companies, family offices and UHNW individuals.

HOME will be an FCA-authorised and regulated firm based in Britain, that will create employment for 200 professionals.

In creating a new sterling investment class for institutional investors, HOME will provide homes for thousands of people through granting them HOME‘s unique lease product. This will secure them long-term residence in properties that will typically be larger than that which is available through the mortgage route. Crucially, the lease will secure for Homeowners a very long-dated option to purchase the property by handing them control of the freehold from day one.

HOME will have signed-up institutional investors who will instruct HOME to purchase freehold properties on their behalf, presented for consideration to purchase by Homeowners. A segregated portfolio comprising a geographically diversified group of freehold properties will be established for each Investor, where monthly income payments earned on each property will also accrue.

Pre-qualified Homeowner applicants will present freehold properties of their choice to HOME, subject to agreed investment parameters approved by Investors. HOME will arrange the purchase of these freehold properties, buying on behalf of the Institutional Investors.

Long-term residency by the Homeowner will be rewarded by securing for them an economic profit-sharing Incentive Agreement between Homeowner and Investor.

HOME is anticipating its launch in 2021.

Meet the Team

Email us at info@realworldcap.com for more information.