Home Emoh Ltd

Home Emoh Ltd (HOME) is a new proptech business which will manage for institutional investors (‘Investors’) the purchase of thousands of units of existing freehold housing stock and new-build freehold homes across England and Wales.

HOME will create a new, sterling-denominated investment class with protected upside exposure to residential property across both countries, generating inflation-adjusted medium to long-term returns.

HOME will construct for each Investor a portfolio of freehold residential properties, brought to the company by qualifying applicants (‘Residents’) who, upon purchase, will immediately move in and rent the properties under a unique long-term contract.

Each bespoke, registered contract provides an exclusive option for the Resident to purchase the property at some point in the future, without the risk of being gazumped, as well as a mechanism for the Resident to share in future house price appreciation.

HOME’s offices will be based in the UK.