Run by their highly respected EU expert Graham Bishop, The Graham Bishop Consultancy practice covers several related fields that are critical for investors, risk managers and government affairs specialists.
In the aftermath of the great financial crisis, that meeting point is still where the overall policy decisions are formed, and will assist in readying for detailed development that will be turned into hard-edged regulations further along the line.

Our EU advisory Group Partner Graham Bishop Consulting can help large established companies developing new business divisions or new product initiatives to break into Europe. Young companies seeking to navigate Europe’s complex regulatory and trading landscape will also greatly benefit from this Group’s strategic advice.

With the UK and EU post-Brexit trading relationship gradually becoming clear through 2020, our Europe specialist Group Member can provide a steady hand and trusted counsel for firms looking to build their pan-European business.

In the next few years, your business in the EU will face significant risks, but the well-informed can turn many of these into business opportunities.