Keith Mullin, Founder

Capital markets are awash with information, the industry today invariably operating on short-run horizons and with a short-term collective memory. Keith Mullin stands out as an industry influencer with a unique insight and sense of perspective in this space, having had a ringside seat at every major capital markets event over a generation of explosive growth and innovation.

Keith founded KM Capital Markets in 2017 after leaving IFR, the flagship capital markets marque of Thomson Reuters (now part of Refinitiv), where he worked in the Thought Leadership Group of the company’s Capital Markets Insights unit. He previously spent many years as IFR’s Editor-in-Chief, where he devised content strategy and managed a team of market analysts and specialist industry-leading journalists across debt, equity and loan capital markets, leveraged finance, FX, rates, emerging markets, financial derivatives and banking regulation.

Sitting at the intersection of this global flow of information, data and market trends with a host of senior market contacts, Keith now leverages these advantages through assignments for a variety of clients across investment banking, credit commentary and research, financial training and specialist media.