Simon Hylson-Smith, CEO

Paragon is the communication advisor to RealWorld, ensuring that the value of its products and services are clearly and impactfully presented to stakeholders.

As a leading public relations agency for financial technology firms, Paragon has deep experience in working with start-up, scale-up and growth businesses across the capital markets. Paragon will work with Realworld to ensure the right kind of impact as it develops complex structures to solve some of the biggest challenges facing the markets today.

What is always required and almost always underdeveloped in young companies is brand awareness and performance marketing. Built around the concept of ‘Three R’s’, Paragon helps institutional clients move along the journey from Recognition to Relevance and ultimately Respect. By delivering strategies and actions that support these goals, they ensure that communications objections are tied tightly to the business goals.

As a Realworld advisor, Paragon will be delivering the full spectrum of strategic positioning and messaging, media and analyst relations, ‘thought leadership’, marketing content and other communications services.

Formed in 2012, Paragon have offices in New York 
and London, supporting more than 20 global 
institutional clients.

Paragon’s website can be viewed at